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Fellow Midlanders,

It’s been quite some time since MidlandCommunity.ca has put out an update, and we wanted to check in to let you know that we are still here, still keeping an eye on our local leaders and their decisions, and still thinking of ways to improve Midland and help ‘the future arrive ahead of schedule’ as Roy Ellis would say.

Speaking of Roy, since relocating his home outside of Midland, his presence has been deeply missed by the MidlandCommunity.ca team.

For those who are new to the project, Roy was one of the founders and a key spokesperson for MidlandCommunity.ca who worked alongside a number of local business owners and concerned citizens to launch MidlandCommunity back in 2012.

Roy is still active in the community, serving on various boards, but has largely left this group in the hands of those of us with more skin in the game here in Midland.

We intend to keep the group active and ramp back up when the time is right, but let’s face it, while our municipal leaders continue to do important work, and there is lots happening locally – the downtown dig, the continued real estate boom, and all of the covid-related measures – the feds and the province are driving the bus right now, and we are largely passengers at the municipal level.

While some of us have some strong opinions on how these upper level bodies have handled the threat of covid, and major concerns about the implications of shutting down the national economy, particularly for small businesses, our group really is not the best place to air these concerns.

Like many of you, those of us who continue to keep the MidlandCommunity.ca torch lit are navigating some major challenges as well, and are working extra-hard to reset, reinvent and refocus our lives, our businesses and our roles within the community.

While this may mean that we are more-or-less on the sidelines in the immediate future, this should not be viewed as a lack of concern for the future of our great community. We are still here. We are still watching, discussing and strategizing. We are still looking for concerned locals who want to help us keep moving things forward – if you’d like to help out with the initiative, please email talktous@midlandcommunity.ca

And as this strange period of time (hopefully) subsides, we will continue to hold our local leaders accountable, propose new solutions and work to engage the community. We appreciate your support and hope that you are both surviving and thriving despite the crazy world that we’ve been inhabiting for the past six months.

All the best,


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