Midland taxes are highest!


Just 8 days left before midlandcommunity.ca makes a formal presentation to Council on the need to control local taxes; we need your support on the 24th. Additionally, a very critical budget meeting will be held this Thursday, Oct 20th at 5:30pm, which you should also plan to attend. Currently the fluid 2012 budget calls for a 7.2% spending increase. The town still has an appetite to fund new activity, buy a new fire truck and add additional staff; these initiatives have to be STOPPED or deferred until our local economic picture improves and our taxes fall in line with competing communities. When you look at this chart,  you will note that Midland holds the distinction of being the highest taxed community in Simcoe County on a home valued at $300,000-.


1) High local taxes hurt the poor in our community most!

2) High local taxes stymie business development and population growth!

3) High local taxes effects your property values and your ability to sell!

4) High local taxes hurt those on fixed income!

5) High local taxes put an added burden on young adults, often carrying 2-3 part time jobs, most without benefits!


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  1. Very concerned about the taxes in Midland,they are too high as it is now. I dont think I can handle any more increases without having to sell my home and move away from the Midland area. The town does very little to promote or develop the waterfront to bring tourist to town (I’m not speaking of developing more condos) and that with no jobs and losing them monthly it seems,this town is just getting worse by the year…dont put the burdon on the tax payer. I did notice a huge new addition to the town office was this really necessary when the town has only grown 5%. Also every town employee seems to be driving top of the line brand new vehicles??? Maybe this is where are tax dollars are being wasted????

  2. I agree over spending when it cannot be justified!! A rec. centre that was not needed millions!!!!…a six million dollar library addition when the masses are moving to the internet rather than books and of course the town hall addition not needed 5 percent growth! If I cannot afford something I save up for it and get it when times are good, not durring a recession like we are having and only the low income earners and the very poor know about! People are starting to move out of Midland because of the high property tax…its our town not a place for rich people to buy up our properties…because we have no say or choice in the matter….stop overspending and freeze property tax…even give a break to some who have been overpaying for years…its not fair across the board thats for sure!…..WE the people are watching to see who is listening…and we will vote next election accordingly! thank you !

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