Integrity Commissioner Report Completed – Bill Gordon

Principles of Integrity Conclusion Report - Bill Gordon

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The investigation into Councillor Gordon by the independent Integrity Commissioner has been completed, and its findings are both shocking and damning.
Midland’s Integrity Commissioner finds that Councillor Bill Gordon, among other violations of Council’s Code of Conduct, fail(ed) to demonstrate respect for Council’s decision-making process” and engaged in “messaging that amounts to abuse, bullying or intimidation.
This is not ‘fake news’.  These are findings by an independent Integrity Commissioner who conducted an investigation, interviewed witnesses including Mr. Gordon and provided Mr. Gordon a full opportunity to respond before issuing the Report.
The Report will be considered by Town Council on December 11, 2019 and must be posted on the Town website.
Let’s hope we can put this very dark day behind us and promptly get back to advancing the important and pressing business of the Town.

Speaking of important business, that very same evening, you’ll have the opportunity to comment on Midland’s 2020 proposed budget.


  • Will Midland approve having its very own splash pad?
  • You can speak to the town’s plan to add eight new staff to include two additional firefighters.
  • You can ask questions about the total year over year spending increase, which appears to be upwards of 6-8%.
  • With that in mind, you might want to comment on what an appropriate budget increase might look like in this fragile economy and importantly, in the context of where your own household income is headed.

Please consider making an appearance on December 11th at 7pm at Midland Town Hall to show your council that you care about what happens in Midland and are prepared to hold your elected officials accountable.

Midland Matters, Controlling Costs Matters, and RESPECT Matters.

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