Build Your Ideal Town – Vision Document


We believe the Vision for Midland should focus on areas where Midland can excel and differentiate itself from other desirable communities.  We believe the Vision should be concise, understandable, believable, achievable and motivational.  We suggest the following:

By 2031, Midland has grown to become the town centre of a larger, four seasons, Georgian Bay waterfront community with a vibrant local economy and quality of life advantages which

combine to make Midland a premier destination for new residents, new employers and visitors alike.


Guiding Principles for realizing Midland’s Vision:

  • Governance

Midland values open, transparent and accountable local government; citizens actively participate in making the policy choices that shape their community.

  • Local Government Services

Midland pursues an affordable and sustainable combination of quality and economy in service delivery that enables Midland to compete successfully for development opportunities in the region; when appropriate, service delivery methods include public sector partnerships and major private sector participation.

  • Economy

Midland encourages and stimulates job growth especially in such areas as higher education, health care, tourism and knowledge based, high value-added industries.

  • Land Use

Midland maximizes its waterfront as a remarkable asset and facilitates its development as a focal point of recreational and economic activity; Midland balances necessary regulation with flexible, adaptive policies that encourage business and residential development for people across all income ranges.

  • Downtown

Midland’s Downtown serves area residents and visitors alike as a destination for recreation, specialty shopping, dining and entertainment as well as the gateway to the spectacular 30,000 Islands of Georgian Bay.

  • Transportation

Midland pursues efficient transportation links with distant locations and local options to move people and goods efficiently and support healthy, active lifestyles.

  • Environment

Midland and its citizens preserve and protect natural areas and habitats; people enjoy a healthy environment with clean air, water and land.

  • Parks, Recreation & Community Events

Midland maximizes its great waterfront parks and promotes recreation opportunities and active lifestyles for people of all ages.

  • Health Services and Education

As the region’s town centre, Midland serves as the location for major health, social services and education resources including university and community college programs closely linked to the needs of the local economy.

  • Arts, Culture and Heritage

Midland recognizes and promotes the area’s rich history and major visitor attractions as well as local creativity in culture, music and the visual and performing arts.

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