Politically Speaking


On February 15th, 2012, MidlandCommunity.ca representative Roy Ellis was featured on Politically Speaking, the Rogers Cable TV show hosted by Midland resident Cher Cunningham.

On the show, Mr. Ellis described the group’s focus on taxation, policy and economic development as a three-legged stool, where all three issues must be in alignment to achieve the stability needed to produce community growth and unlock Midland’s magic.

Those who missed the one-hour show can watch it below, hosted on YouTube:

2 Comments on "Politically Speaking"

  1. I thought this was a very thought provoking show and you (Roy) did a great job. This should be broadcast to everyone in Midland and the surrounding areas. The questions were on target and your answers were extremely informative.
    WELL DONE!!!

    • Politically Speaking is Live on Rogers TV channel 53 every Wednesday at 5:00pm so you can tune in and call-in to give us your opinion on the topics discussed. Anybody who has suggestions for potential guests or subject matter can E-mail me at daisy.ranger@rci.rogers.com as I am the Producer of the show.

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