Election 2014, Midland Bay Landing, Town Budget & More


Election 2014

We start this review with a quote from Sir Winston Churchill: “To every man, there comes in his lifetime that special moment when he is figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered a chance to do a very special thing, unique to him and suited to his talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds him unprepared or unqualified for the work which would be his finest hour.”

We wish all women and men standing as candidates in the upcoming election success in the daunting challenge ahead of them.

Midland Bay Landing

The Town’s agreement to purchase the Unimin site is scheduled to close on July 15th. This new Town asset will become officially known as Midland Bay Landing. Midlandcommunity.ca has always supported re-purposing this jewel on the water for more appropriate uses. We encourage Council to move swiftly to find the right partner/developer and start the process of getting Midland back to work.

Town Budget

The 2014 town budget was adopted with a .46% increase in the tax levy after factoring in growth of .24%. This results from Council pressing all departments to reduce their spending increases along with using $233,000 of taxes collected in 2013 but not spent to reduce this year’s levy. We must continue this trend of more responsible spending if Midland is to be successful in driving the growth and development needed to sustain good quality, affordable local services.

Citizens Stepping-up

Council has appointed a Development Charges Review Committee to examine the proposed increase of 78% for commercial development charges and 36% for medium-density residential DC’s. Congratulations to Warren Landry and George Barber for “stepping up” from the community to serve as citizen members on this committee. DC’s are one significant factor in stimulating needed development in Midland. We clearly need new people, families, businesses and jobs.

Congratulations also to local C.A. Joel Rumney for accepting a citizen position on the Audit Committee. Midland matters, you matter and getting involved matters.

Midland Police Services Board (MPSB)

Midland’s second Council representative can once again take his seat on the Midland Police Service Board. However, it looks like it is back to “open and transparent” business-as-usual at the MPSB. What was the purpose in spending a small fortune of our money to investigate a complaint but never to release the slightest detail to the paying public. Deputy Mayor Kramp is reinstated so it begs the question what took place here? Board members Willis, MacDonald and McKenzie made the complaint and they owe the public a full explanation. The good news – MPSB meetings are on summer recess until September so the public is spared witnessing more agonizing dysfunction. The bad news – the MPSB faces significant challenges and we are perplexed a majority of members believe a summer recess is appropriate.

Butter Tarts

Now on to a much sweeter note, congratulations to everyone involved in the success of Midland’s second annual Butter Tart Festival. 50,000 Butter Tarts, up to 8,000 guests and Midland, as always, being “proud out loud”.

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