Election 2014 Top Ten List


The following is “what we believe matters” in 2014- 2018, the election cycle and beyond.

  1. Implement the KPMG recommendations, capture the significant savings in our operating budget and then commit to keeping annual spending increases at or below the rate of inflation.
  2. Get Midland and area back to work through targeted development and leverage the new economic development office (EDCNS) and other local and regional agencies. We need to market our value, our assets and our beauty.
  3. Commit to creative planning and a friendly regulatory environment that supports new housing and business development. Avoid red tape and regulations that create significant costs without delivering public benefits.
  4. Recruit and involve talented volunteers from the community to provide input to Council and senior staff on complex matters like Planning, Finance, & HR.
  1. Consider alternative models for delivery of services, especially emergency services that consume more than 40% of all taxes.
  1. Involve citizens directly and meaningfully in the operation and management of underperforming Municipal assets. Many citizens already know what it takes to run a household or business with limited resources.
  2. Embrace the downtown revitalization plan and accelerate the vision for the Unimin lands (Midland Bay Landing), where success equals jobs plus community pride.
  3. Redefine Midland as a ‘staypoint’ not a ‘waypoint’. Turn the Tourism and Culture Plans into reality and put Midland back on the map as a happening destination while leveraging assets like Little Lake Park.
  4. Focus on major issues and opportunities – the 20% of things that significantly affect 80% of residents and businesses rather than the 80% that affect only 20%.
  5. Leave business to business and make Midland investment-friendly. Avoid subsidized enterprises that consume resources and compete with business.

4 Comments on "Election 2014 Top Ten List"

  1. Trevor Wright | October 2, 2014 at 7:09 am | Reply

    You state ’emergency services that consume more than 40% of all taxes’, however in the 2014 budget breakdown it has police and fire at 25% of the budget. Is one to assume that the balance (15%) is part of the ‘County’ portion that would go to paramedic/ambulance? I may be reading this one wrong, and maybe you could help by showing the breakdown. Thank you.

    • Midland Community | October 3, 2014 at 12:51 pm | Reply

      Hi Trevor and thanks for your comment.

      On the chart provided by the Town re: how local taxes are apportioned by Department, you will note Police and Fire combined are 39%.
      I think the confusion might happen when you add in taxes for Eduction and County which we collect for, but do not control.
      Thank you and hope to see you at our meet and greets next week. Sorry, we cannot include the chart image here in the comments if you want, let us know and we can email it to you.


  2. How do I post this info on my facebook page?

    • Midland Community | October 22, 2014 at 2:53 pm | Reply

      Hi Susan,

      Currently the website does not have a built-in social media share tool, but you can copy this link http://midlandcommunity.ca/election-2014-top-ten-list/ and paste it into a Facebook status update. Facebook will recognize this is a website and hyperlink it as well as auto generate a headline and small preview window.

      Sharing is Caring! Thanks again for your support.

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