Midland Council Election 2018

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Midlandcommunity.ca will remain highly engaged in the 2018 Municipal election.  Along with Council and staff, some 1100 strong midlandcommunity.ca supporters/contacts/residents have worked hard over the last 6-8 years to bring progressive change to Midland by charting a course of action and accountability that has brought economic prosperity not witnessed in decades.  The 2018 election is about electing women and men with the talent, vision, focus and capability to build on the recent successes. 

There are twenty seven candidates running for Council in Midland’s 2018 municipal election. They include several current councillors, a large number of entirely new candidates and a number of candidates who sat on previous councils but were voted out of office.  Midland has recently enjoyed an improving local economy coupled with very modest tax increases. Given the diversity and contrast in the candidates, the choices we make in October will surely define Midland for years to come.   

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In addition, we will be inviting each candidate to provide a 300 word response to four key questions about their run for office.  Be sure to check our web site on September 21st to see their responses which can help you decide who you want to lead us over the next four years.

Midland Matters, You Matter and Getting Involved Matters.

2 Comments on "Midland Council Election 2018"

  1. Council needs to stay the course. Midland landing has to move forward and fast. The opportunity costs are huge as we have lost millions in potential tax revenue, and this diamond by the bay could move midland to the top of the list for people looking to retire or move out of the GTA.
    We also need council to correct the storm water system and end the unnecessary dumping of millions of litres of raw sewage in to the bay. GEORGIAN BAY is our most important asset and it’s the reason why Midland exists

  2. David Calvert | August 27, 2018 at 8:45 am | Reply

    The current Mayor and Council are to be commended for their judicious handling of our affairs in the past two terms. They had the courage to deal with many sensitive issues including the change of policing and worked in the interest of the citizens and business alike in this great town.

    The new candidates need to clearly spell out their objectives if voted into office. With Gord McKay retiring, and he certainly deserves our deepest gratitude for his tireless efforts despite his own challenges this past term.

    Of particular interest is what they will plan to do with the Unimin lands, the $22 Million Trust from sale of our PUC and the next challenges, full review of the Midland Fire Department a very significant budget item as well as a full review of the budgets and efficiencies of all town work force.

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