Public Meeting for future of MSS & PSS


Please be advised of a public meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 4th at Midland Secondary School (MSS) to discuss the future operations of MSS and PSS. The meeting will commence at 7:00pm with a short administration presentation followed by “delegations” (10 minute max each and prior approval required). Following which, the Chair will field comments and questions from the floor. 

The reality of declining enrolment in both High Schools and it’s impact on our “student’s complete educational experience”, along with budgetary pressures, is driving the decision to close either MSS or PSS and consolidate the student body in one building. Nobody wants a learning facility to close, but if the decision must be made, we believe Midland Secondary School will provide all area students with the richest experience given Midland’s comprehensive infrastructure. MSS is foundational to Midland’s economic development strategy which is designed to accelerate growth of both business and citizenry.
Those parents with children might want to attend this important meeting as key decisions will be made in the months to follow.

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