Candidate Response – Ute Schmid-Jones


Positing Running For: Ward 2 Councillor


I am running for Midland Town Council because…

I wish to bring a Progressive Vision to this community where I live, work, and play.

My vision for Midland is…

Progressive:   Creating balance between job creation, business and culture, while also respecting the environment and social inclusivity for all of our citizens.

I will accomplish this vision by focusing on the following three things…

a) Keeping our spending on par or below the rate of inflation. We MUST work towards implementing the changes in the KPMG consultant report.

b) Working towards making our housing by-laws more flexible. To attract young business people, and support our aging population as well, we will encourage and get behind developers keen on affordable, innovative housing projects.

c) Revitalizing the downtown and Midland Bay Landing locations so that they are places where ALL people feel welcome. We must continue to create a cultural scene that engages and supports the participation of all: through opportunities to work, to volunteer, to perform, and to creatively share vision for our community. I support continuing public input sessions on major community projects like the development of Midland Bay Landing. More input; better vision.

Describe your top three accomplishments that make you a good candidate for Council. For current or previous members of council, please focus on your top three in that role.

a) My work on various election campaigns, supporting Green Party Candidates to influence the development of environmental, and social justice policies, both provincially and federally.

b) My involvement on various committees in Midland: Current Library Board Member, Current Seniors Council Secretary, and previous Vice President and an original founder of the Midland Community Garden Project.

c) I’m an active volunteer in two organizations that I believe promote social inclusivity in our community: an occasional overnight volunteer at the GuestHouse Shelter (2 years), and have been a volunteer fitness instructor at the Midland YMCA for over eight years.


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