Candidate Response – Doug Reed


Positing Running For: Deputy Mayor


I am running for Midland Town Council because…

I am running for deputy mayor in Midland so as to work for Midlanders to put our town’s best foot forward. We first moved to Midland in 1960 to do morning show on radio and the rest is history: former volunteer firefiighter, former Meals on Wheels driver, former Cancer Society drivers dispatcher, former president of Probus Club of Severn Sound and former president of Georgian Shores Seniors Club; assisted Pat Hook and others 20 years ago to set up Gift of Grace Soup Kitchen; a previous night supervisor with Out of the Cold, chairman of CommunicationsCommitteem Papal Visit 30 years ago; Santa in first dozen or so Santa Claus parades; member of Midland Lawn Bowsling Club and more.

Goal is to help make Midland better, better and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us

My vision for Midland is…

My vision is t work together on council for the good of Midland not for the good of me. As or paying taxes it is not a question whether people pay to much or too little taxes it is all about getting full value for what we taxpayers pay. Everyone has their pet project and expects Midland to address issues from pot holes to sidewalk clearing during the winter but don’t expect txes to go up to pay for these things….we as a community have to share in all of these projects even though some don’t have pot holes, sidewalks or ever use our many parks and library.

I will accomplish this vision by focusing on the following three things…

WE will focus on three working together for the good of Midland. We will impress upon folks we all have to pay our dues so to speak to improve our community so it will be the best it can be and we will remember that we are employed by Midlanders and not the other way  around.

Describe your top three accomplishments that make you a good candidate for Council. For current or previous members of council, please focus on your top three in that role.

Three accomplishments that make me a qualified candidate: my background in local radio, TV and newspapering; my record of volunteerism in Midland and North Simcoe and my previous service on town council, police services board and working with the homeless, helpless and hungry.


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