2018 Council Candidate Questionnaire Responses

MidlandCommunity.ca Candidate Questionnaire Responses


Candidates For Council Answer Questions That Matter 

MidlandCommunity.ca invited all candidates running for Council in this year’s election to respond to four important questions. We believe the answers provide all voters with additional information to make a more informed decision on who is best suited to lead Midland to a better and brighter future. When you cast your vote on October 22nd, please consider the best talent capable of getting Midland back to work through an unrelenting focus on supporting those things that matter most.

All responses received that are within the rules are posted below. 

Click the candidate names below to read their responses:

Jack Contin
Mayor Candidate

Bob Jeffery
Mayor Candidate
Stewart Strathearn
Mayor Candidate
Mike Ross
Deputy Mayor Candidate
Shannah Aubé
Ward 1 Candidate
Keith Day
Ward 1 Candidate
Larry Ferris
Ward 1 Candidate
Jonathan Main
Ward 1 Candidate
George MacDonald
Ward 1 Candidate
Beth Prost
Ward 1 Candidate
Roberta Bald
Ward 2 Candidate
Glen Canning
Ward 2 Candidate
Bill Gordon
Ward 2 Candidate
Todd Langevin
Ward 2 Candidate
Carole McGinn (Nichols)
Ward 2 Candidate
Cody Oschefski
Ward 2 Candidate
Jonathan Reid
Ward 2 Candidate
Cher Cunningham
Ward 3 Candidate
Elizabeth (Lisa) McFadyen
Ward 3 Candidate

The following 8/27 candidates did not participate:

Ruth Hackney Deputy Mayor Candidate
Jim Downer Ward 1 Candidate
Will King Ward 1 Candidate
Michael Ladouceur Ward 1 Candidate
 Shawn O’Hara Ward 1 Candidate
Eric (Howie) Major Ward 2 Candidate
(no email to send it to or communicate with)
Ryan McLaughlin Ward 2 Candidate
Elliott Sheaves Ward 3 Candidate

Thank you to participating candidates. 

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