2018 Council Candidate Questionnaire Response – Shannah Aubé

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Candidates For Council Answer Questions That Matter 

MidlandCommunity.ca invited all candidates running for Council in this year’s election to respond to four important questions. We believe the answers provide all voters with additional information to make a more informed decision on who is best suited to lead Midland to a better and brighter future. When you cast your vote on October 22nd, please consider the best talent capable of getting Midland back to work through an unrelenting focus on supporting those things that matter most.


Shannah Aubé
Running For: Councillor Ward 1

I am running for Midland Town Council because…

I am passionate, dedicated, ingenuitive, and respectful. I want to be your voice working together today for a better community tomorrow.

My vision for Midland is…

For Midland to be a safe and fun community for all. A place to learn, grow, celebrate, nourish, support each other.
I’d focus on engaging our community, really hearing you and understanding your concerns, ideas and needs. Taking a true democratic approach by serving you, the people who live and work in Midland, who access the services and rely on the local economy.

I will accomplish this vision by focusing on the following three things:

(A)by being attentive, focused, driven, supportive, and knowledgeable.
(B)I want to increase the visibility of the Midland Georgian College campus which has the potential to add economic growth by increasing the student population.
(C)I would also like to bring back a youth centre. An undivided space for kids to play, talks, share and feel safe.

Describe your top three accomplishments that make you a good candidate for Council. For current or previous members of council, please focus on your top three as a council member:

(a) I was a 16 year old young single mother struggling to make ends meet and with the support of family and my community it finished high school got married, graduated from college, raised my 3 boys in this beautiful town. This shows my focus and dedication to getting the job done.
(b) I have sat and currently sit on youth association executives. I have spent many years focusing on making youth lives better.
(c) I am currently a university student at Lakehead in Orillia. After a car accident with my husband and I was let go from my job there were some life choices that we had to make. With not a ton of work available I opted to go back to school and learn a new skill showing my children that learning never ends, you are never to old to refocus your life and make it better.

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  1. Well said and states Shannah
    I hope you get to make This Town a better one.
    Fresh ideas and drive

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