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You may have noticed two announcements in the Mirror this week that were a direct result of last week’s Council meeting (about which we will briefly report later).

1) The Town is seeking applications from interested residents to sit on the Official Plan Review Steering Committee. Your resume should outline in detail your qualifications and express how you can add value to this very important effort.

2) The Town is seeking a community member to form part of a 5-member steering committee comprised of two BIA members and two Councillors to provide governance and oversight to next year’s “Ontario’s Best Buttertart Festival”.

More detailed information on both opportunities is located on the Town of Midland website or by contacting Karen Desroches at EXT. 2208.

These are two critical initiatives which can help define Midland’s future. Yet in the dog days of summer the Town for some reason wants applications and resumes no later than August 18th.

Stepping up and serving the people of Midland on either of these groups is an important commitment. If your vacation is scheduled this week, we hope you have your laptop or mobile device with you so that you can meet this unnecessarily tight deadline.

There is an old expression about the more haste the less speed. We sometimes need to go more slowly in order to reach a desired destination faster. Self-imposed unnecessary pressures can lead to lost opportunities and mistakes if the Town really wants Midland’s most able citizens to become aware of these tasks and fill these positions

With that said, to help you better understand the skills required and the expectations of the positions, we are providing some information from the town’s web site:


The Official Plan Review Steering Committee, in cooperation with Town staff and the selected consultant, will:

• Provide advice and guidance to the selected consultant on the completion of the OPR Project;
• Review and provide input and comment on all draft reports, Discussion Papers, communications and consultation plans, and the various drafts of the proposed Official Plan;
• Provide appropriate recommendations to Council on the appropriateness of all documents for public consultation purposes and recommend to Council the final version of an Official Plan suitable for adoption by the Town of Midland.


• Ontario’s Best Buttertart Festival Steering Committee shall be delegated the authority for the governance and oversight of Ontario’s Best Buttertart Festival located in Downtown Midland. The Committee is to investigate and provide recommendations to Council on the opportunity of legally incorporating the Festival, as a separate entity owned by the Town of Midland. The Committee will also work with the Town of Midland in the hiring of a Festival manager. The Committee must be a positive and productive committee, which will participate in all aspects of the Festival including but not limited to: sponsorships; finance; promotion; potential expansion of the Festival; coordination with community groups and organizations.
• Ontario’s Best Buttertart Festival Steering Committee shall meet bi-weekly, with additional meetings to be called by the Chair as required for review of particular matters or issues.

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