Midland Budget a Community Responsibility:


Midland Council is to be congratulated as to the innovative approach to the 2013 budget process.

The recent “budget consultation” meeting  mostly heard constructive presentations from taxpayers as well as  the  600 plus members  citizen’s group, Midland community.ca .

The world has changed. Everywhere,  all levels of government are being forced to re-examine service delivery models or suffer the consequences illustrated by Greece, Italy, etc.  We are seeing desperate measures such as wage freezes, health care reductions, etc. as governments attempt to get their financial house in order.

Council’s initiative through the KPMG study has confirmed Midland’s service delivery model must change as the future cost is unsustainable.  Yes, the KPMG study cost $49,000, but will be worth every nickel if the study fosters a new attitude and approach to effective and efficient services.

Moving toward a new service delivery model will  be challenging.  Therefore everyone (taxpayers, staff, Council) have to be on board.  I encourage everyone to “get with the program”.

And to Midland Council, please “stay the course”.

Bill Smith


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