CALL TO ACTION: Budget Meeting Nov 17th 2011


Please be reminded that this Thursday, November 17th at 7.00p.m., Council will be deliberating over a budget spending increase for 2012 in the 2%- 7% range. This meeting is meant to be the final budget meeting and should include some lively and much needed debate. Some Council members are still struggling with the communities’ over-arching message of the need to “Control Midland Town Spending”. Your attendance will re-assure those Councillors who want to do the right thing that this mandate is the expressed wish of the people and must happen.

You may recall that new growth monies will only account for approximately .4% ($70,000-), so the lion’s share of any increase will go directly on the taxes we pay. Our position around success is unwavering in the sense that a 0% taxation increase over the next three years is the only acceptable result. Our group’s stated goal is overwhelmingly validated with a 95% support rating on the poll on our web site.

Please remember, symbolism is a key driver in how politicians behave. While 50 residents attending the budget meeting might influence Council to take note, 150 will certainly influence the desired result.

In anticipation of attendees, Council has moved the meeting to the NSRC (Rec Centre) 527, Len Self Boulevard Midland. 7.p.m.

See you there.

We thank you for both your past role and future support.

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