Midland Council set aside three evenings for councillors to meet their constituents and discuss issues.

The sessions are thought to include both an open Town Hall forum as well as one on one discussion.

The meetings are held at the Council Chambers located in the Municipal Offices at 575 Dominion Avenue.  Meeting times are between 7 and 9 PM.

WARD 1:             Wednesday September 12

Councillors – Pat File, Zena Pendlebury, Jim Attwood

WARD 2:            Tuesday October 2nd

Councillors – Jack Charlebois, Bob Jeffery, Mike Ross

WARD 3:            Wednesday September 26th

Councillor – Glen Canning

This is an opportunity to let your municipal representative know about your position on issues that are important to you!

Save the Date

September 27th             Budget Meeting inviting Public Participation at Council Chambers to discuss the 1st draft of the  2013 budget.  Council Chambers starting at 7Pm and running to 9 PM.

October 1st           KPMG Management Study Final Report to Council presented upstairs at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre starting at 7Pm and running until 8PM

It is your money they are spending!   Come see how well your tax dollars are being used and what they are dong for you and your town!

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