Unimin Lands Public Workshop


Midland has retained a consultant to assist in the development of a Master Plan for the Unimin site consisting of approximately 16.24 hectares of land with 1037 meters of shoreline.   The consultant and the Town are having a public workshop dealing with the Unimin Lands master planning exercise.   The workshop will happen on the 24th of January at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Center.

 Please plan on attending and contributing. This site may well represent a once in a generation opportunity for redefining Midland’s economic future.    Take a moment and read the winning proposal.  It makes for interesting reading and provides context :


The announcement reprinted below can be found at Unimin Page in the Newsroom section on Town of Midland website:


“The Town of Midland has launched a Waterfront Master Plan Study to explore opportunities for the future of the Unimin site. In conjunction with the project launch, the Town has initiated an consultation program to gather valuable input from the community and provide detailed information about the Study and its progress.

The Waterfront Master Plan Study team will hold a public workshop on the evening of Thursday, January 24, 2013 at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre. All interested community members are invited to come out to learn about the Study and discuss future possibilities for the waterfront. Conversations will be framed around workshop exercises that encourage active participation from community members and stakeholders.

Interested members of the public are also encouraged to visit the Waterfront Master Plan Study website, Facebook page and Twitter feed and email us at any time to share ideas and offer feedback. The Waterfront Master Plan Study social media program will regularly provide updates on the progress of the project and work to stimulate meaningful online discussions.

The insight provided by community members will be influential in shaping the final Master Plan.”

See you there!


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