Meetings on Georgian Bay Water Levels


Over the holidays the evidence of declining water levels on Georgian Bay has become increasingly clear. Our local Mayors, wanting to transform our collective concerns into action, have arranged meetings with fellow Mayors and Band Leaders to be held on February 6th in Owen Sound, Midland and Parry Sound. While it is a public meeting, the invitees are Mayors and Band Leaders. The Midland meeting is in the Council Chambers and if you show up, you will be welcome.  The meeting starts at 09:30AM.

 The situation will be reviewed and briefings presented by attendees on challenges they face and local solutions that have worked for them.  A discussion of what we need from senior government will be held and a plan to present that request to them will be developed.  Attendees will be asked to volunteer for the steering committee and set the next meeting date.   The meeting seeks to give us the broad base of political support we need to go to Ottawa and Queens Park.

Given that the water level issue is so complex and impacts so many different areas, all residents, marina operators, shoreline residents, boaters and business owners are invited to a Public Consultation on Thursday January 31, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. at the Arena ( Brian Orser Hall) in Penetanguishene.   The purpose of this session is to assist in better understanding and quantifying the impacts declining water levels are having on our Towns.  The meeting will be a very interactive round table session format.  Please do come and share your thoughts.

Mayor Marshall will take this information along with him to the upcoming meetings on February 6th.



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