Express Yourself – that is, until April 30th


Midland Parks and Recreation Department is developing a new parks and recreation master plan that will direct activities over the next 5 to 10 years.  Part of this process involves input from the public via a questionnaire found at the Town Hall or on-line at ( ).  A 2nd questionnaire was also sent to over 100 community organizations that may use Parks and Recreation facilities and programs.  Letters to the Director of Parks and Recreation expressing your opinions on the future of Parks and Recreation in Midland are welcome. (Mr. Bryan Peter, 527 Len Self Boulevard, Midland, ON, L4R 5N6).  

 Ask Yourself:  Should parks and Recreation continue as before?  Should it adopt a full cost recovery, user pay approach to groups using Town facilities?  Should non-residents pay an additional fee for using the NSSRC?  Should Parks and Recreation divest NSSRC to the user groups that use the facility?  Should more funding emphasis be placed on programs such as Askennonia Service Club, Affordable Recreation, and/or Boys & Girls Club and less on facility development?    Should neighbourhoods maintain their parks through an Adopt-a-Park program?

Why bother participating?  Well, you can be sure that this master plan document will be presented as being representative of the wishes of the Public, your wishes, whether or not you voice your view.  This plan will be used as the basis of operation for Parks and Recreation for years to come.  So, as the television ad says…Express yourself!  Make your wishes known on how Parks and Recreation should look and operate over the next 10 years!  These are after all the $4,000,000.00 questions.

Some facts:

  • ·Parks and Recreation budgets $4,000,000.00 each year or ~20% of

Midland’s overall budget.

  • ·Parks and Recreation manages in excess of 270 acres of parklands, sports

fields, playgrounds, etc., manages the harbour facilities, and manages leases

to such organisations as the sailing club, the rowing club, the museum, etc.

  • ·The Department operates the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre

that houses a broad assortment of activities e.g. Boys & Girls Club to


  • ·Each year and for about 7 more years, ~$450,000 is paid in interest and

principle on debt owed for the NSSRC building

  • ·The Department also coordinates and helps out in many special events

throughout the town each year e.g. Santa Claus parade, Party on the Dock, etc.

  • ·There has been a 20% decline in the population aged 1 – 19 years over the

last decade.

  • ·The median age of the Town’s population is 10 years older than it was just a

decade ago and 50% of the population will be 65+ years within a decade.

  • ·Growth in Midland’s population between 2001 and 2011 was 350 people.

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