Council stalemate undermines citizens’ hopes for future of Unimin lands


A letter from a concerned citizen sent to us after Friday nights emergency Council Meeting:

“Friday night there was an emergency council meeting in regards to the Unimin waterfront property.

At issue was that the property owners have received an offer for the site that they were considering until Monday. The name of the purchaser was not disclosed.

There was a motion put forward to put an “Interim Control By Law” on the property as regards to zoning so that the town could complete the Unimin Master Plan Study which was already underway to include public input and was to be completed at a cost of $70,000 (non recoverable). The “Interim Control By Law” was considered good planning practice according to our planner Wes Crown, and could have been reversed by council at a later date.

1 Councillor was on vacation and unable to attend, 8 voted total including the mayor.

The four councillors noted below voted against the motion.

Jim Attwoood         

Zena Pendelbury   

Bob Jeffrey            

Jack Charlebois       

As of Monday, the sale may be completed which would mean that the purchaser (believed to be another aggregate company) will take over the site and will have free reign to continue its use as the existing zoning allows for as long as it wants.

This is a 40 +/- acre site with approximately 3300 feet of Georgian Bay waterfront. The potential is enormous for our town.

I do not believe the above councillors speak for the wishes of the people of Midland as regards to this issue.

Please contact these councillors and change their minds, – quickly.”

Drew Plaxton

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  1. I know you put polls on your website, maybe a poll on the water front and if the people of Midland need control??

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