A citizen’s observations on the December 17th Council meeting:


As I was watching council last night, I got just a little upset as you can tell by my letter below.  I have been following your group and am in agreement with your objectives.  You have educated yourselves and are really making people think about issues that affect us all.

The subject of the benefits package as well as salaries of councillors has come up again and again and I just don’t understand how this man can think that this job doesn’t deserve what they get and more.  These men and women are making decisions that affect everyone in Midland and should be for the good of the whole town, not just a few staff members that they seem to worship.  I was wondering if you knew just how much each of those benefit packages are worth to each councillor?  Maybe if we put a number to it instead of just throwing the figure of $50,000 around (as Mr. Jeffery seems to like to do) we could suggest if he (or any other councillors receiving benefits from somewhere else) could save the town a specific amount of money if they opted out of the package.

There are a few council members who come to these meetings fully prepared and have specific knowledge as to the items being discussed. Then there are the others who like to publically take a stand just for the sake of hearing themselves talk, and seem to have no direct knowledge of what they are discussing and the ramifications of their votes.

OK, well, that being said, please add me to your list and keep up the good work.  I certainly hope some of you are thinking seriously about running in the next election.  It would be refreshing to have educated, well spoken people on our council for a change and maybe we can turn this town into what it should have been over 10 years ago.  We live in a beautiful town and it’s being destroyed by these small minded individuals who can’t see past the ends of their noses.

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