2011 Town Council – Year in Review


January 2, 2012

Letter to the Editor from midlandcommunity.ca



2011 was the first full year our elected Town Council had the chance to impress the residents of Midland. Sadly, in terms of successes, the year could be characterized as a “missed opportunity”. However, rather than us once again assess performance on the policy, budget, planning front or in any other key area of decision-making, we’ve decided to comment on Council’s behaviour as it relates to working together as an effective and cohesive group, for the good of the Town and its people.

Our premise is “it’s not only WHAT we do as leaders that matters, it’s also HOW we do it” or simply, how we behave.

Our group, midlandcommunity.ca, has been present at perhaps thirty or so Town Council sponsored meetings in 2011. After observing Council at work on numerous occasions, we believe we are qualified to comment on this subject. We have witnessed caustic and disrespectful behavior which detracts from the common goal and has resulted in lowered productivity.

For 2012, our New Year’s wish is for Council to reflect on the set of skills and behaviours listed below.  It’s time to stop mourning the results of the last election, as this Council was formed some 15 months ago and has real work to do. Let’s take this opportunity of a new year to work together to improve our local government and make it one we’re all proud of, that guarantees a bright future for our town.


Roy Ellis

On behalf of midlandcommunity.ca

Below is a selection of questions from a self-administered test available on our web site midlandcommunity.ca. We encourage Council members and everyone who aspires to work in any position of civil service to complete it; we call it “The Man in the Mirror Exercise”. We believe reflection is both necessary and healthy and is the first step in aspiring to perform at a higher level.

Self-administered test:

1)   Can I effectively work with others to reach common goals? YES         NO

2)   Am I respectful in my dealings with all persons involved?

3)   Am I always motivated to do the right thing and always act

in the best interest of the Town?

4)   Do I support the most effective, innovative and efficient

ways to accomplish goals and deliver services to my

5)   Do I operate under the highest standards of professional

6)    Do I practice open and honest communication at all times?


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