Top Ten List for the Next Council


Five months remain until our current Council’s four-year mandate expires. So how has this Council performed?

There has been some progress on things that matter – economic development, policy and spending. But it usually results when fragile 5-4 votes can overcome resistance from those who undermine progress and resist change at every opportunity.

Much more still has to be done to get Midland ‘back to work’. Our town needs leaders who are driven to focus on what matters and build on momentum and progress so far. believes our next Council needs to accomplish the top 10 things set out below. We believe these should form the heart of any candidate’s platform who wants our vote in the election this fall. Top Ten List for the Next Council

1) Implement the KPMG recommendations, capture the savings in our operating budget and then commit to keep annual spending increases at or below the rate of inflation.

2) Consider alternative models for delivery of all services and especially emergency services that consume more than 40% of all taxes. Place the same focus on value for money in local government services as real people do in their daily lives.

3) Revitalize Midland’s downtown and waterfront areas including the Unimin property. Success here means jobs and a needed destination for residents and visitors.

4) Redefine Midland as a ‘staypoint’ not a ‘waypoint’. Turn the Tourism and Culture Plans into reality and put Midland back on the map as a happening destination while leveraging assets like Little Lake Park.

5) Get Midland back to work through economic development targeted to areas like high tech where Midland competes with the world’s best.

6) Commit to creative planning and a friendly regulatory environment that supports new housing and business development. Avoid red tape and regulations that create significant costs without delivering public benefits.

7) Focus on major issues and opportunities – the 20% of things that significantly affect 80% of residents and businesses rather than the 80% that affect only 20%.

8) Recruit and involve talented volunteers from the community to provide input to Councillors and senior staff in complex issues like Purchasing, Planning, Finance, & HR.

9) Involve citizens directly and meaningfully in the operation and management of underperforming Municipal assets. Many citizens already know what it takes to run a household or business with limited resources.

10) Leave business to business and make Midland investment friendly. Avoid subsidized enterprises that consume resources and compete with business.

Midland Matters, You Matter, Getting Involved Matters.

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