Midland – Best Place in Canada for Community Engagement and Pride


Thank you Midland and special thanks to all 27 candidates who ran in this 2014 municipal election.

It was a tough, intense race and tonight the results are in.

Congratulations to Midland’s new Council: Mayor Gord McKay, Deputy Mayor Mike Ross and Councillors Pat File, Jonathan Main, George MacDonald, Glen Canning, Cody Oschefski, Jack Contin and Stewart Strathearn.

We have some new faces at the Council table and we also welcome back some veterans who provide experience and continuity.

The next four years will truly define Midland as a Town.

We hope Council’s first order of business is for all members to pledge a “TEAM” commitment to the following:

* Respectful and transparent communication
* Heightened community engagement
* Fiscal responsibility
* Friendly and flexible town policy
* Economic development and growth
* Maximizing our unique and significant assets

Please stay engaged as Midlandcommunity.ca continues to help Midland be the best it can be.

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