Election 2014 – Council Deputation & Candidate Meet and Greet


In response to tremendous input from our members, Midlandcommunity.ca has become very active in the 2014 Municipal election by providing mediums/forums for the candidates to communicate with you, the customer on what they believe matters. 

To this end, we want to remind everyone of one of our many upcoming engagements. 

Roy Ellis will address Midland Town Council on September 22nd shortly after 7:00 p.m in the Council Chambers. The topic is “Engaging the Community to Create a Sustainable Local Economy”. 

Mr. Ellis will be sharing and commenting on a scorecard which measures local tax charges against household growth, population trends and the Consumer Price Index. This chart reviews pertinent information back to 2000 and tells a compelling story.

In addition, he will be highlighting the valuable role an engaged/informed community can play in Maximizing Midland’s Magic.  

Hope to see you Monday, or in the alternative, please plan to watch the deputation live on Rogers cable. 

Midland Matters, You Matter, Your Informed Vote Matters.

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