Big Decision – Mirror Ad


email-rsFollowing last week’s Meet & Greet events, placed an ad in this week’s Midland Mirror.

We feel comfortable that the candidates selected best represent the values of and the hopes and aspirations for our Town.

We invite you to read the advertorial that was placed and review the candidates we’ve endorsed.

Please click here to view the full sized image (you may need to click on the image when it opens to expand it to full size).

The feedback so far has been extremely positive, with many members commenting through email and the website.

Your informed vote matters!

2 Comments on "Big Decision – Mirror Ad"

  1. Pretty underhanded, in my opinion, to sneak in a format that intentionally mimicked the Mirror’s editorial layout in an apparent effort to make readers believe this slate is endorsed by the paper. As a result, the Mirror had to tweet an apology to clarify they do not endorse any candidates. Unfortunate, too, that including these candidates on your slate paints them all with the same brush and persuaded us NOT to vote for at least one.

    • Midland Community | October 19, 2014 at 11:20 am | Reply

      An “advertorial” is an effective and commonly used format for imparting large amounts of information. It bears little resemblance to the Mirror’s editorial section, except that it is also a well laid-out newspaper page. The advertisement uses a different font in different sizes and wider columns than the Mirror, appears nine pages after the Mirror’s editorial page, clearly headlines the endorsements as coming from, and states that the page was paid for by Certainly we had no desire to confuse readers but we are not sure how much more we should have done to differentiate our advertisement from the Mirror’s editorials and still have an easily understood format.

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