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As Midland counts down the hours until polls close on Monday, we would like to draw your attention to a few final important messages. The first is we have placed new information in this week’s Mirror, analyzing Midland’s tax increases over the last 14 years. We encourage you to read this article in order to help understand why we believe change is not only desirable but also critical for the health of our town.

What has Achieved?

Few achievements can ever be attributed to one person or one group. Still, we believe has had a positive influence in some key areas:

1. Bringing municipal spending and taxation under control;
2. Encouraging customer-friendly town policy to help attract residents and business;
3. Encouraging economic development and growth.

A quick look at our website will remind you of many areas where we have tried to make a difference in the last four years. We have observed and documented many roadblocks to Midland’s success that must be overcome, such as a long-standing culture of entitlement in some quarters, policies not open to discussion or review because ‘we always do it this way’, and divisive scheming by some councillors. Opening debate on these items makes some people with vested interests uncomfortable because it shines a spotlight on them; as a result, we have taken some personal risks to expose and address these problems. The issues are rarely simple and straightforward, so the efforts are time-consuming and intellectually draining, but in the end we believe all Midland citizens benefit from our work.

Where Does Stand?

Some candidates say is biased against them. Let us state clearly we have no personal bias for or against any individual candidate. We have analyzed past actions and decisions of incumbent candidates and for new candidates, their stated policies and platforms. We have applied our experience to assess the candidates against the KPMG findings and recommendations, the social and economic state of our town, and Midland’s position relative to other municipalities. The result is a group of endorsed candidates who we believe have demonstrated the policies, skills, experience, and attitudes to foster positive change for Midland.
Naturally, we have found ourselves sometimes in agreement and sometimes in disagreement with Council members on various issues. When we disagree, we argue in favour of our position and try to provide the necessary background and data to influence a change of heart. When we agree, we work tirelessly to help support the decisions of Council and actually bring about positive change. We do so on a strictly volunteer basis, without personal benefit, compensation or reimbursement of any kind.
Whatever the election results on October 27, we will continue to advocate before the new Council, helping councillors understand our position, trying to influence positive change, and supporting them in taking steps to move Midland forward.

In Closing…

Our final and most important message is also the simplest. However you feel about what we write and what we do and whatever other obligations may distract you on Monday, be sure to get out and cast your vote. This is your opportunity to have a real impact on the future of Midland.

Midland matters. You matter. Your informed vote matters.

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