Candidate Response – Steven Marks


Positing Running For: Ward 1 Councillor


I am running for Midland Town Council because…

I have a passion to the see the Town of Midland go forward into the future!

With my help and determination, I hope to accomplish this in a 4 year term or whatever it takes to get there! With my creative and planning  background in business, I can share my focus with others. 

My vision for Midland is…

I would like to see Midland be the best it can be as a large town on the banks of one of the largest lakes in Ontario, a place to be even prouder than we already are! A Destination!

I will accomplish this vision by focusing on the following three things…

a) Streamline Town costs

b) Engage our Tax Payers with more Town Hall meetings! Listen to what people are saying! 

c) Work on our new waterfront location, to make sure we have it right in our public interest!

Describe your top three accomplishments that make you a good candidate for Council. For current or previous members of council, please focus on your top three in that role.

a) I have been a Member of the Midland Heritage Committee for 4 years promoting our history of the town!

b) I have had a Community Based, Rogers TV Show, “Steve Marks Live”, promoting Midland & Surrounding Area!

c) I have been pro-active in Midland since 2005, promoting Tourism & Culture, and I sit on the Culture Steering Committee. I helped implement the Farmers Market in Midland and I am usually at almost every event in the area! For me, the positive over-rides the negative and all I can do is my best for Midland!


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